School Tours

“In using clay we are able to experience one of the most basic and versatile materials mankind has ever used. It can be very rewarding to feel and manipulate the clay into your very own personal piece of work”.

School Tours for a “hands on” experience within a working pottery.
At Ballymorris Pottery we provide a variety of educational ceramic workshops which are tailored according to school class and curriculum. The workshops take place in our fully equipped refurbished classroom large enough to hold up to 45 people if required.

Our experienced staff to provide themed projects in which children can create their very own piece which can them be decorated with colours clays.
We, working closely with class teachers and group leaders, will give the children the chance to visit the working pottery, we then lead them through a pottery project where each child will create and decorate their own piece.
These pots will be glazed, fired and ready for collection or delivery 4 weeks later. Sessions usually last 1½ hours, although this is flexible to the school’s needs and itinerary.
Cost: €15 per child.
Contact us for bookings or more information.