Pottery Classes

Pottery and Sculpture Classes

These classes are aimed at any adults with an interest in pottery, ceramics and sculpture as Hannah has the experience to help you through a great variety of projects.

Regular Classes usually start mid September and mid January each year, and include good tuition and a friendly atmosphere in which to try hand building and throwing on the potter’s wheel. These classes are suitable for both beginners and those with experience to develop their skills.
Cost €235 for 10 classes. Includes all tuition, materials and firings for up to 7 pots.

Specialist Tuition

“In using clay we are able to experience one of the most basic and versatile materials mankind has ever used. It can be very rewarding to feel and manipulate the clay into your own personal piece of work ”.
Tutorials can be tailor made for each individual, either for those with a particular interest or those with special needs.
Work sessions can be on a one to one basis or for groups such as Transition Year, ICA
Each project is designed according to the objectives of the participants and taking into account the available budget, time allocation and age and abilities of students.
Contact us for bookings, gift vouchers and more information