About Us

Ballymorris Pottery was established in 1994 in rural Co. Clare, in a 17th Century Farm. Since opening, the pottery has expanded and a new workshop has been created with a retail outlet, located in a renovated hay barn.

The pottery is run by me, Hannah Arnup.

The Arnups

The range of work available at Ballymorris Pottery reflects the breadth of my interest and training. I studied both sculpture and ceramics in England, but much of my experience came from my parents, Sally Arnup ARCA renowned animal sculptor, and Mick Arnup painter and potter, both based at Holtby in rural North Yorkshire, England.

I worked with them, gaining experience with an unusual blend of craft, art, and business. Their encouragement and influence giving me the knowledge and confidence to establish Ballymorris Pottery when I moved to Ireland in 1990. I now also own and run the Arnup Studios at Holtby.

My siblings are artists, Ben Arnup, ceramicist and Tobias Arnup, painter.

Ben Arnup
Tobias Arnup